Emerald Isle Vacation Rentals

When planning your next family vacation, consider the inviting beaches of Emerald Isle. This small and welcoming beach town is located on Bogue Banks, known as one of North Carolina’s most beautiful barrier islands. With little traffic and no bright lights, the laidback and friendly atmosphere is the perfect family friendly vacation. Spread your towels out on the warm sand and watch in glee as your children experience the splash of their first ocean wave and hours of glorious playtime in the sand.

Whether you’re traveling with family or planning a reunion of relatives and friends, there are several Emerald Isle vacation rental homes and condos that can accommodate your needs and provide you an enjoyable vacation both inside and out of your rental. A beachfront vacation home places you right to the main attraction and provides easy access to hours of endless fun frolicking in the waves and building towering sandcastles. Stroll along the miles of white sandy beaches collecting colorful seashells and discovering the marine life.

Inclement weather can sometimes change a beach vacation into a disaster. Those friendly waves can become much stronger, so avoid the risk and spend the day in the vacation rental swimming pool. Lounge poolside with a cold beverage, sunning yourself and catching up on your reading while the kids enjoy the several swimming pool toys and gliding down the twisting pool slide. The men can catch up with one another while cooking steaks, hamburgers and hotdogs on the outside grill. If it looks like a storm is brewing, pick a DVD from the homes movie collection and make some popcorn. The living room is large enough for everyone to gather and relax on the comfortable sofas and chairs and will be so engrossed in the movie they will forget why they aren’t outside.

It’s sometimes hard to find relaxation on a family vacation, but a vacation rental can guarantee you find it. Spend the morning sitting on the patio deck of your master bedroom listening to the soothing waves splashing against the sand and gazing into the peaceful tranquility of the dunes and Mother Nature. Or, leave the kids with an aunt or uncle while you slip away for a twilight walk on the ocean with your partner.

Vacation rentals provide luxuries and accommodations that hotels cannot match. If it happens to be a family reunion, no one wants to be separated in different hotel rooms and dealing with the hassle of where to meet up. A vacation rental allows everyone to gather under one roof, prepare large delicious meals in the gourmet kitchen and to come and go as you please. No one can complain of boredom; the rec room on ground level with pool table, Sony PlayStation and color cable TV are just added bonuses of your vacation rental. Be a short walk to several restaurants serving fresh local seafood, miniature golf, shopping and more.

A Emerald Isle Vacation Rental is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to escape the crowded hotels and stay in a relaxing environment close to their family and friends. It’s easy to find and reserve your dream vacation rental within your price range and that has all the amenities to make your vacation as soothing and comfortable as possible. Find your dream Emerald Isle, North Carolina vacation rental today on TripHomes.

Choosing a Licensed Vacation Rental: Why It’s Wise to Rent From an Established Local Rental Agency

Vacation rentals offer a great value to travelers and have become increasingly popular as travel accommodations. This trend has been driven by the plethora of unsold homes and condos in this economy coupled with the rapid proliferation of mega vacation rental websites such as HomeAway, where property owners can advertise and rent out their own houses.

Some mega vacation rental website ad campaigns poke fun at hotel rooms and point out the many advantages of renting private houses that include more space and privacy, a better overall value and a chance to experience living in a local neighborhood. Plus, property owners can help offset the expenses of their property by renting their properties to vacationers. These advantages are true, but there are some important ‘buyer beware’ issues pertaining to local licensing and rental restrictions that have been overlooked in vacation rental news. Bottom line is that it’s wise to rent a vacation rental property from an established locally operated rental agency with representatives that know the local regulations and are familiar with the local residential neighborhoods. Let’s take a brief look at why and consider these issues.

Many communities throughout the U.S. and in Europe have very specific licensing restrictions and laws regarding offering a private home as vacation lodging. If a property is not properly licensed to rent ‘short-term’ as a vacation rental, or is located in a neighborhood where vacation lodging is not allowed, it can actually be illegal to rent the property on a short-term basis.

There are some incidents where property owners who advertise their homes as vacation rentals on mega websites such as HomeAway and Craigslist, have been unaware of or chosen to ignore local laws restricting vacation rentals. They advertise and rent their properties anyway, hoping to go undetected. Some tourist communities even have code enforcement departments where officers look for violations by reviewing websites and in extreme cases, where neighbors have complained, they actually visit occupied houses to determine if an illegal rental is in process. Unfortunately, in a situation like this, an unknowing tourist who has rented the illegal house, can become a third party to unknowingly breaking the law. There have been instances where guests have actually been evicted from the property they rented in the middle of their vacation, and property owners have wound up in court for violating regulations that result in hefty fines.

At first it may seem unbelievable or unreasonable that there are local ordinances and laws that restrict property owners from offering their houses to vacationers. Some insist restrictions are a violation of property rights. However, the general intent is to protect and preserve residential neighborhoods where full time residents have been disturbed by a ‘revolving door’ of renters who show up in their neighborhood for short periods of time to party. In many communities, such as Key West, Florida, legal vacation rental properties must have a short-term rental license issued from the City.

Another issue to keep in mind is that in most communities, property owners or agencies who rent private properties as vacation rentals are obligated to collect a state sales tax and often a county bed tax from the guests just as hotel / motel lodging is required to do. If this tax is not collected from the guests renting a property, it is a good indication that the property is being rented illegally.

With these caveats in mind, private vacation rentals are still an excellent value for tourists. Families can stay together and enjoy more space, more privacy, and often times luxury amenities such as swimming pools and Jacuzzi tubs. Money saved by renting a house can be spent in the community on dining out and fun activities, and that becomes an economic boost for the communities.

One way for travelers to be sure their investment is protected is to rent from an established licensed and locally operated vacation rental business with representatives who know the community and the local regulations and laws. An excellent Key West rental agency with premium private island homes can bee seen on-line at http://bit.ly/lar4d3

Picking a Vacation Rental

More and more people are finding that vacation rentals by owners are the new way to vacation. Weather you rent from a property owner or property management service here are some very important things to help you select the best vacation place in the listings.

The number one thing when making a vacation rental decision should not be the price. You get what you paid for is still the theme to remember here. There are a lot of different vacation rental accommodations by owners and selecting the perfect one is not hard. If you do your research, ask the right questions and follow the below you will be fine and have a great vacation.

Look for vacation rental accommodations that have plenty of pictures of their rentals. You should only deal with owners that are willing to call and speak to you. Owners who like to qualify their potential guest are ones who care about who stays in their rentals. This is a good thing since they are concerned about keeping their rentals in prime condition. They want guest who will take care of their place and things.

You want to rent from someone who has plenty of testimonials from prior guest. This is your best source of information about the accommodations, services and the general area where the rentals are.

Always look for rentals that offer parking off the street and offer safe secure comfortable accommodations. The testimonials are a great place to confirm this is true.

If you are still note sure speak to the owners and ask if they can provide you with references and or review the testimonials for emails and names of prior guest and ask for permission to contact them.

Price should not be the determining factor in your selection. If you have a price in mind, speak to the owner and negotiate with them. Always remember that the more inquiries they get for the same time period and the more popular their rentals are the faster you need to move to secure said rental. Ask them if they have availability and if there are other inquiries for the same time period.

If you have never been to said destination ask questions as to how the area is during the time of year you will be visiting. A lot of beachfront rentals will get a lot of local traffic during high beach season for said area.

Look for rentals that have their rentals listed on multiple paid for listing sites. Better yet look for rentals that have a professionally build website. The website should have their contact information. Look for owners that take credit cards even if you pay by check. This guarantees you are renting from an establish rental owner. You should always be able to pick up the phone and contact then and not just via email. Never rent from an owner who will only deal with you via emails!

Communicating with the own and asking questions is the best way to guarantee you get a safe, clean, secure and proven rental accommodation. Always read the rules and regulations in advance and know exactly what you are paying for. Know what the amenities are, these should be clearly listed on the website. Prices should also be clearly listed on the website along with information on the area and attractions.

The final price should be in writing in an email and always insist on a payment confirmation with every payment made. Owners that have property managers who meet and greet you and show you the rentals are always a nice touch. They will usually be your point of contact. Owners should also provide you with a phone number you can contact them at in the event you cannot reach the property manager.

Always do your research and contact the owners at least four to five months in advance. The decision process should take three to four days of back and forth telephone conversations after the initial email. Most owners will email you information and follow-up with a phone call to review the details on the email and get to know who they are renting to. Always provide a call back number and the best time to call you back.

What you will finally get is a great vacation rental accommodation that will be like a home away form home with all the comforts of home. Vacation rentals are great for a family of three or more as you will have room to rest and relax in after a day of exploring, hanging out by the beach, whatever the area has to offer.

Vacation rentals are lot better than cramp hotel room that you will probably pay twice as much for as you will for a vacation rental. Plus you will always have the option of eating in or going out for your meals.

Another great thing about a nice vacation rental with a master bedroom is that you will be able to spend some private time with your loved ones after the kids are tucked in for the night.

How to Turn Your Home Into a Vacation Rental

Since the vacation rental industry has an explosive boost and became a multi-billion dollar industry, many homes located near resorts and national park areas have been converted into vacation rentals by the homeowners. And with more tourists coming every year to their favorite tourist spots, this is an indication that homeowners should consider their extra homes or part of their homes to be used as vacation spaces.

If you are thinking about turning your home into a vacation rental, you have to consider some factors that will ensure you make the right decisions. Renting your home is not as simple as accepting people to live in your house and paying you when they leave. Your temporary tenants are your responsibilities and anything that can happen to them or to their properties can also be your responsibility. So you have to check with your city or community’s homeowners association about guidelines on how to turn your abode into a rental place. You may also need to pay taxes with it. However, turning your home into vacation rental can be easy as long as your home can be a safe place to live and you have the amenities to provide your tenants comfortable stay.

So here are some tips to give you ideas on how to have an extra income out of your home.

10 Steps in Making Your Home into an Ideal Vacation Rental

1. See to it that your home is most suitable to be a vacation rental. Since there could be some homes in your area that may also be accepting rentals, your home must also have unique features to attract vacationers. Your property should be desirable, have good amenities and located in a marketable place and that means it is situated in or near a tourist spot where people from other places would take days to have their vacations. Is your home has great view? If it does, you can still enhance it. Does it have a good connection to the internet? If it doesn’t have it, apply for it. Your guests will definitely need it.

2. Your home vacation space should have nice and working interior and exterior features. Make sure everything inside and outside your property is working well, presentable and always look new. You can do repair, add more furniture, have nice beddings and put on a nice lawn or landscape.

3. If you can’t afford to clean the space regularly, find a good housekeeping service. It will be a good point if you can hire a regular and trusted cleaning service for your home rental. If there are many available home vacation spaces in your area, you can have an advantage with your clean and neat space.

4. Have an organized and secured key system in your office. Normally, it would be ideal to have a key system with lock in your home or in your office to keep in the keys. Without it, your tenants and their properties would be at risk. Hold the key to this system and no one must hold it except you or your wife in case you are away. Kids sometimes misplace keys. Also, make sure the keys are returned to you prior to the guests leaving your home.

5. Make some rules for your home rental. You need to set some rules for your guests to follow and tell them these are necessary for their own protection such as the proper use of electrical appliances, the use of trash cans, where dirty clothes should be put, avoidance of creating noises, and so on. Rules can favor everybody not only your guest but other people as well.

6. Promote your home rental into something inviting and show it as a secured place. Use your talent in creating homey pictures out of your home if you want to attract potential residents. You will be giving clear visuals to people on how they can enjoy your place and you just need a high resolution digital camera for this. Post the pictures on a tourism website or in your blog. Or you can hire someone to do a professional job in creating pictures showing the greatest ambiance of your home. With your pictures, you must also have a good description of your property with accurate information.

7. If you have a large home or numbers of properties you want to rent out, you can also hire rental agents or a property management firm to manage your properties. These groups can also do the promotion for you. They know what to do to make your properties very in-demand in the market. You just monitor them regularly so that you know what’s going on with your properties.

8. Buy vacation rental software if you are not sure on what to do to make your home rental vacation an ideal one. The software will give you a clear idea on how to manage a vacation house and will tell you all about stuff with regards to promotion and security.

9. Ready your database for your marketing and booking reservations. Since you are now ready to accept vacationers, you must all be ready to have an online system and an efficient database to keep everything in order with an easy access.

10. Securing your properties with regular monitoring. Sometimes it is necessary that you must hire someone to guard your premises. Visitors will also appreciate this and they can have a peace of mind knowing somebody guards them and their belongings. Burglars are everywhere and it is your reputation that is at stake once you go into home rental vacation business. Regular monitoring by guards will also prevent accidents, more damages and possible loss of lives and properties.

Now that you have some ideas on how to turn your home into a vacation rental, perhaps you can now take a closer look if you can turn your home into a business-home opportunity. You may spend considerable amount of money with the renovations and repairs but it would surely worth it once you start earning money from the vacationers.